Hidden gems off the beaten path

By July 25, 2013 General No Comments

How many times a day do you drive down a road like this?

Your GPS Navigation shows you the road you are on, the name of the road, the speed limit, and many other interesting attributes about the road (or path) you are traveling.

How many wonder what exists beyond the wood line of the path that you are traveling? A person who loves the outdoors envisions many things that could take place within the forest just five feet lateral of the road, but we still are unsure of what truly exists beyond the ditch line.

Mapping outdoor recreation offers all users the ability to have a better experience while competing in a sport, or a fun-filled adventure. At some point, with the mapping of outdoor recreation, the same GPS that blurted out “Turn Right in 100 feet”; will be telling us where these gems are that exist beyond the beaten path.

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