Accuracy, as it applies to outdoor recreation.

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One would argue that the need for accurate and professional maps for outdoor recreation is overkill. This argument would yield differing statistics depending on the group who was surveyed. The individual who knows the trails or their area of interest would see no real benefit in even having a map; however, a new user or the user who doesn’t even know about the area would greatly benefit. Statistically, the growth of new users will continue to rise, which further supports the need for maps. Maps, by themselves, are generally enough reason for someone to go out and try something new for the first time. The map adds a sense of security, while having very accurate data provides significant success in getting the user get back to their car. Additionally, an accurate and professional map adds overall value to the trail and area being mapped further marketing it to the current and future users of the outdoor asset. With the ever increasing amount of outdoor adventures, accurate maps also set the benchmark for incorporating emergency response into the game plan for first responders and users. Accuracy isn’t just a nice to have, it should be the requirement.

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