Using GPS and other data, we can accurately map your trail system and trail features.


We can provide your racers with a professional map that highlights your event.


Based on water levels, we can create water trail feature maps for your local boaters..


We can collect any data, create any maps that best suits your project plans.


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Accuracy, as it applies to outdoor recreation.

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One would argue that the need for accurate and professional maps for outdoor recreation is overkill. This argument would yield differing statistics depending on the group who was surveyed. The individual who…

If you build it, they will come??

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We have all heard the quote “If you build it, they will come”. Generally speaking, this quote is a fairly true statement. From a mapping perspective, there should be a second…

Hidden gems off the beaten path

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How many times a day do you drive down a road like this? Your GPS Navigation shows you the road you are on, the name of the road, the speed…

The decision to open shop

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Knobby Tire Mapping, LLC has been stood up to support the mapping requests that have been pouring in from other regions in Virginia and the surrounding states. Additionally, the project…